good Start

Smart & Simple

ClassMet, a comprehensive Mobile App and School Management Portal is designed with the aspire to give schools the best portal to handle all their academic, administrative, and communication activities with ease and accuracy, whilst saving them lots of time and efforts.


Perfect Choice

Android App, SMS/eMail facility to inform parents. Instant access to required information and activities of the school. All departments are linked through the central database. Paperless management of Student Cycle with Financial Accounting.


Creative Ideas

Connects each sector of the school so as to provide them with hassle free information sharing. It has user-friendly portal as well as Mobile App that allows smooth flow of information, home work and progress of child within teacher, parent and school administration.

Creative Solutions

Student Daily Attendance, Homework Information, Notice/ Circular, Annual calendar as well as GPS/ School Bus Tracking of students.

Featured service

Instant school updates and alerts accessed via Mobile App, SMS/eMail by parents. Customize Portal as per academic structure as well as financial and operational management.

Technical support

Online support by experienced technical staff to Parents and Teachers. Onsite training program for Staff and Parents. Free upgrades as per Govt. strategies time to time.

Professional Management Skills

  • Integrated Framework
    Design fully customizable and scalable School Management Portal framework.
  • Expert Team
    Team of domain and technical expert came under one roof for best possible solutions.
  • Mobile Application
    Develop flexible communication methods using Android App, SMS, and eMail.
  • Training and Upgradation
    Onsite Training Team of experts is on the mark for betterment of process.