Q?What is ?

ClassMet, a comprehensive School Management Portal is designed with the aspire to give schools the best portal to handle all their academic, administrative, and communication activities with ease and accuracy, whilst saving them lots of time and efforts.

connects each sector of the school so as to provide them with hassle free information sharing. It is user-friendly portal as well as mobile application that allows smooth flow of information, home work and progress of child within teacher, parent and school administration.

Q?To whome ClassMet gives Benifit?

ClassMet Portal is designed to provide benifits to all the entities involved in student education like Parents, Teachers, School Administration.

Q?I do we start ClassMet at our school?

To start servises of at your school formal mail to "info@classmet.in". Our one of the team member will be reach to your school on very next day or as per your convinience.

Q?What type of Platform is used for ?

ClassMet has to different sinario, one is for school and another is for parent. For school web based portal framework to execute day to day activities in school as Admission, Attendance, Communicating to Parents, Accounts etc. In Other hand to receive information at their fingure tip, we have Mobile application in to which daily information like Notice, Alerts and Homework of all subject. Even Anual calender is also made available with the same.

Q?Is ClassMet needs internet connection?

Yes, ClassMet needs internet connectivity at both end (School and Parent). But the speed required for the same in just 2G or brodband connectivity.