About ClassMet

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ClassMet, a comprehensive School Management Portal is designed with the aspire to give schools the best portal to handle all their academic, administrative, and communication activities with ease and accuracy, whilst saving them lots of time and efforts.

ClassMet covered each sector of the school so as to provide them with hassle free information sharing. It is user-friendly portal as well as mobile application that allows smooth flow of information, home work and progress of child within teacher, parent and school administration.

  • Student Portfolio

    Accademic, Financial, Book material, Attendance as well as class activities can be made availaable on single click.

  • GPS Enabled Transport

    GPS enabled route manager of school bus facility provide real time information to parent. No need to install expensive systems, it works with same mobile based Application.

  • Shoulder Bag

    As per Govt. GR, max, weight of bag should not exceed 10%. Manage daily shoulder bag content and inform parents through App with content weight.

  • Central Store

    Class wise Books, stationary and school material distribution through central store.

  • Admissions

    A complete Online Admission Process with customised fees structure is possible. Unique Permanant Registration Number (PRN) is generated for every student.

  • School Activities

    Day to day activities carried by the school can be posssible online like attendance, study material distribution, subject wise homework and fees collection.

  • Notification

    School cerculers, Notice, Alers and acknowledgements, Homework will be communicated through App.

  • Attendance

    QR Codeˆ based Online attendance system is made available with statistical data of every student throughout the academic year.

  • Multilangual Support

    You can write notice or homework in all 15 reginal langusges.

  • Homework

    Class teacher will send the subject wise Homework to every student at once. Multilangual support with images attachment is available.

  • Graphical Analysis

    Graphical Presentation of student portfolio, attendance, result. You may export the corresponding data in Excel and PDF format

  • Certification

    Online Result declaration with school level customisation is possible. Certification like Leaving, Bonafied etc. are customised as per need.